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Monday, October 10 2011

Consumers Don't Own Computers "Designed for Windows 8", and They Go to Landfills Earlier (True Intention and Side Effects of "Trusted Computing")

[ Traduction française par Georges Khaznadar; 中文版 1/2; 2/2]

Some computer manufacturers will force you
to "trust" Windows 8 only, disallowing you to
do usb-booting or cdrom-booting of other operating systems Microsoft Windows 8 alpha is released and downloadable. But no, I am not recommending it. Nor am I denouncing it in favor of GNU/Linux (well, not in this article anyway). What you should be aware of and concerned about as a consumer is those machines labeled as "Designed for Windows 8". Much more so if you care about the environmental and humanitarian problems caused by e-wastes, for these machines will end up much faster as e-wastes than the ordinary machines manufactured now.

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Tuesday, August 23 2011

Designing Government ICT Strategies that Benefit from the Internet

internet phenomenon map A national government can choose to design its ICT strategy to flow along with or against the forces and phenomena of the Internet. (See picture "internet phenomenon map" for details) To give some examples, a government setting up policies and formulating regulations may find itself facing dilemma such as:

  1. government transparency vs national secret
  2. government transparency vs citizen privacy
  3. use value (and cultural value) vs sale value [of digital contents]
  4. freedom of speech vs protection of minors

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Sunday, August 14 2011

Graphviz+Jessyink as a Latex-Style Potential Alternative to Prezi and Mindmap Presentations (How to Beat MS PowerPoint)

network phenomenon map For those of us who prefer spending more time with content than visual effects and prefer fiddling with texts than mouse/button/graphics, graphviz and jessyink could be a latex-style potential alternative to Prezi and Mindmap presentations -- if a few improvements are made. Please click on the picture and then use arrow keys to navigate thru the "slides".

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Tuesday, November 30 2010

Why and How I Join the Cloud Hype, and So Can You, Free Culture Amigos!

For those of us who have been using GNU/Linux, full-steam cloud computing began with ssh -X or VNC long time ago. For those of us who have contributed to Wikipedia or OpenClipArt or OpenStreetMap, the real benefit of cloud computing lies in the web 2.0 / read-write / prosumer / Pro-Am culture that emphasizes transparency, democracy, freedom of speech, collaboration, etc. Yet recent hypes smelling suspiciously of excessive commercial interest seem to mislead the general public away from the true values of cloud computing and into expensive software products that might lock in users. Lacking an exact and precise source of confusion to debunk the hype, I suggest that fellow advocates of the free culture movement jump on the cloud bandwagon and compete with the hype generator(s?) for the seat behind the steering wheel, popularizing the free culture concepts during the competition, as a peaceful way of fighting the cloud hypes.

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A Brief History of Cloud Computing (Before the Commercial Hype) and Purchasing Suggestions

Article too long, moved ==> here <==.

Saturday, September 11 2010

More Than 60 Schools in Kaohsiung City Signed the Software Freedom Manifesto

the signatures of principals Principals from more than 60 elementary, junior high, and senior high schools of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, signed a "Software Freedom Manifesto" at the invitation of the city's Education Bureau on Sep 9 Thursday morning in a press conference. Also announced in the conference are the the upcoming events of International Conference on Open Source (ICOS), and the "mother tongue tux usb key" workshops designed for the growing population of Vietnamese mothers in Taiwan.

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Wednesday, August 4 2010

DRM and Other Forces Overriding the Three Laws of Robotics

DRM TV controls you[ Traduction français par Georges Khaznadar et Bastien Guerry]
[ Traducción al español por René Merou
[2013 中文更新版 ]

Renowned Sci-Fi writer Isaac Asimov had the foresight to propose the Three Laws of Robotics more than half a centry ago. Is Homo Sapiens of the 21st century as a species wise enough to heed his advice and avoid our self-destruction by disobedient Robo Sapiens whose ancestors we are building today?

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Sunday, June 6 2010

Human Rights Eroding in the Name of Copyright Protection

(Invited submission for the Taiwan Branch of The Association of World Citizens.)

Human rights are gradually eroding at several fronts as international interest groups lobby and pressure governments all over the globe to "protect copyright" using big-brother-like information and communication technologies (ICT).

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Saturday, May 22 2010

Help Debuking Expensive Cloud Hype @ Taiwan

Recently in Taiwan, there is an unsubstantiated hype around cloud computing which claims to be able to produce one trillion (10^12) dollars worth of output value with 24 billion (2.4*10^10) dollars investment from the government. (Numbers are in NT dollars.) I am not completely against cloud computing; but such numbers are ridiculous when most of my colleagues (ICT professors) can't even take good advantage of wiki. It smells badly of corporate greed exploiting public ignorance while feeding on government resources. The most intriguing part is that it does not seem to come from google, the first cloud company one would think of. The major force behind the hypes seems to come from some much bigger company based at Redmond, which does not look like a cloud company to me. Thus I write an article (see link at end) for the general public to understand cloud computing using wiki as an example.

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Wiki As an Example to Demystify Cloud Computing

(FLOSS friends: please see "Calling FS Community for Help in Debuking Cloud Hype")

Cloud computing is supposed to save you money and make things easier for your business/organization. If a self-proclaimed cloud computing provider tries to sell you some expensive and fancy new technology that requires a lot of training on your employees, then be alerted that this may just be a hoax. Try partially replacing MS Word and Frontpage with wiki before buying any cloud solutions. Wiki is a minuscule, and yet most used form of cloud computing. It takes more cultural changes than monetary investment to introduce cloud computing into your organization/business. You can forget about cloud computing if your employees cannot get accustomed to this new culture of transparency, participation, and democracy.

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